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The Framework

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Good friends Eiza, Ash and Dani find themselves in The Framework – a virtual world created to replace Halloween Horror Nights, which was cancelled due to the pandemic. What follows is a whole lot of screaming, thumping music and intense chases as the trio wishes they never stepped into The Framework. Will they manage to find their way back to the real world without turning into the very evils they are escaping from?

Film type: Short fiction
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Runtime: 00:29:43

Country: Singapore
Language: English

Director: Nurhiqmah R
Producer / AD: Wana Hamzah
Producer: Aishah Razak
Scriptwriter: Nurhiqmah R
Editor: Nurhiqmah R
Director of Photography: Sundara Nataraaj
Audio Mixing: Sabrina Azahari
Soundtrack: Sabrina Azahari
Gaffer: Nur Dinie
Art Director: Nurul Athirah