School of
Contemporary Music

Ian Ng Seer Hin

Ian Ng Seer Hin

Diploma in Audio Production
2019 — 2021

Ian invested in his first stock on the morning of setting up for a 2020 Lunchtime Concert Series, and became a musician-turned-engineer in his adolescence. Having developed an eye for opportunities and a hunger for learning, you can just as easily find Ian at any library as you can at a networking event. Enamoured with the prospect of becoming a serial entrepreneur, Ian works towards the sharpening of his business acumen and financial literacy, intent on applying his acquired knowledge in the music industry.


Besides the founding of his first company MuseXchange in late 2021, the most notable of Ian’s works involve him leading LASALLE's Rock & Indie Festival in 2020 as head of audio. A tangential achievement that Ian prides himself on is his summer sales internship in 2021, where he learned data handling and employee management, to spearhead a $60,000 deal for the company.

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