School of Creative

Kevin Nicholas Wong

Kevin Nicholas Wong

MA Creative Writing
2019 — 2021

Based in Singapore, Kevin has always been fascinated with storytelling and the power to convey messages through its various forms, working as a writer and producer for a video production house. His writing has led to successful collaborations with renowned Singaporean filmmaker Royston Tan and various clients including the Singapore Tourism Board. His fiction is also soon to be published later this year. His work deals with identity, the struggle to find one’s place in this world, and the interesting connections humans share, all in an attempt to make people feel less alone.

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Thesis work

Isle of Misfits is a collection of four short stories that revolve around Singaporeans who feel unseen and unheard, representing the dark underbelly of a country that prefers to paint itself over with a clean, sterilised narrative — beyond the singing of National Day songs and the annual celebrations of racial harmony, what truly unites us? The protagonists in these stories, though each different in background and personality, all have a common desire to belong. But despite this shared feeling, they find no space in which they can fit in and are forced to conform within the Singapore story dictated by officials, subsequently experiencing disassociation. Although these characters may not succeed in truly belonging, it is this state of flux and reflection that brings about a sense of self-discovery, and for the reader, a sense of clarity. The collection is an attempt to subvert any overly simplistic notion of what it might mean to be Singaporean, exposing the diversity and differences that exist here; by finding the similar in the dissimilar, therein hopefully lies the answer.