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Yeo Tian Poh

Yeo Tian Poh

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries
2019 — 2022

Tian Poh is a Thai-Chinese 26-year-old who strongly believes in using his knowledge and skillsets to impact the world positively. He discovered his passion for fashion when he was 16 years old and has been constantly working towards his dream of becoming a creative fashion director. His works usually involve collaborations with a spectrum of people and the exploration of different mediums. He is highly adaptable and enjoys leading a team of people, usually taking on the role of art director in collaborative projects.


OFA (One For All)

OFA is a fashion label that aims to blur the boundaries between mainstream design and design for disability. This project involves a collaboration with wheelchair users to come up with inclusive fashionable products that are functional and practical for both abled and disabled bodies. Ultimately, OFA hopes to be a pioneer in normalising adaptive wear in the future fashion industry.

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